Beauty of living: interview with Olga Ly

Olga Ly

Interview with Olga Ly about career, fashion challenges and style.

How did you succeeded to merge your love in fashion with your business skills?

I always loved fashion and I love to follow new trends, designers, magazines. I am not dressed necessarily according to what’s fashionable. I believe in personal style. Style is more about being yourself. 

Creating my own agency was always on my mind, I knew I will do it and it happened in a right place and right time.

Olga Ly

How did you decided to choose fashion and owning model agency as a career?

When I moved to Los Angeles I knew it’s a right place for me and MagModel PR idea was born shortly after that. Fashion and modeling taught me a lot about everyones needs in this industry. Mag Model PR Agency ( is a production agency that helps to develop the careers of models, actors, artists and companies. In a short period of time it has resulted in the industry’s highest standard of excellence. By managing careers over publishing services , MMPA has shown nonstop growth.

What made you first become a model?

My mother enrolled me in a model school when I was 15. I didn’t like it at the beginning , but with time I started to be appreciate it more . At the age of 18 I signed my first contract with agency and this is how it started.

Olga Ly

What is according to you your favorite part of  being a model?

Traveling, fashion weeks, photography.

What is your definition of fashion?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” -YSL

What were some challenges and how did you overcome them at your modeling job?

Always being away from your family its the biggest challenge , thats why I knew I can’t do it for a long time . Dependency on the others its another one. All the challenges pushed me to create my own agency which I am very grateful for.

How would you describe your personal style, and who are yours favorite designers?

I am a big sport fan, my style is mix of classy and sport. My favorite designers are Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Dior.

What are your three favorite things in wardrobe?

Jeans, white sneakers, perfect tank top.

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