Mattie Spears for Harper's Bazaar Serbia

Couture: Oscar de la Renta; Sneakers: COLLINI Milano; Gloves: Merola

The Florida-resident Mattie Spears has landed spreads in multiple magazines worldwide including L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and Numero. She also was chosen to strut alongside supermodel Hailey Baldwin in a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.

Mattie, it was a pleasure working with you on set. Such a humble and spirited talent. What drives you through your career while keeping your kindness and enthusiasm always handy? 

I come from a family that is very compassionate for others. I was raised with respect and manners and nothing will change that. I love seeing others happy, it  makes me happy! 

Do you have a source of inspiration for your career? If so, may we ask which one? 

I look up to my mom for my inspiration. She has been my rock through this entire experience with my modeling career, and she has helped guide me through each step. 

Who is your favorite designer?

Donatella Versace, I love how creative and bold she is, always blowing my mind!

What are you looking to achieve in the next couple of years, both professionally and personally?

I am wanting to achieve many things. Professionally I would love to achieve being a strong fashion influencer. My other achievement for me personally is to be a good example for our younger generation. 

You come from the world of swimwear and lingerie. What inspired you to transition into fashion?

I have always been driven by fashion, traveling the world and seeing so many different cultures really inspired me to go beyond. Why only stick to one setting  behind a camera when you can do it all! 

You are a beloved talent, also on social media: do you handle them personally? And how relevant are social media for your career?

Social media these days I think is a solid foundation for all upcoming talents, I personally handle all my social media myself. I think social media has made such a solid platform for me to grow, share, and be creative with my own twist and style!

We noticed a strong bond with your mom on set. How important is family in your life and in your career?

Family is my rock, my reason for happiness and my reason I strive to do my best every day, My mom and I have an unbelievably close relationship and she has always been my shoulder to lean on and always had pushed me to be my best. Family is everything!

Should you have a chance to change this world for better: what is the ONE wish you would like to express about that?

Absolutely! Everyone should see compassion and love in a world that’s hurting. I wish everyone could see their self-worth and love themselves no matter what.  Because they are enough, a thousand times enough. 


Photographer RAEN BADUA
Stylist & Producer ILARIA NICCOLINI
Make Up Chelsea SULE
Videographer LUIS TRUJILLO
Production FTL MODA
Production coordinator VALENTINA GUROVA