Model Solveiga Mykolaitytė

1. Tell us how usually is your standard day?

I do not actually know if I could call it standard as I am now temporarily living in Spain just after biggest quarantine in the world. So, every day here is a little special. When I get up, I wake my body by drinking a big glass of lemon water and stretching. Do some exercises. Then have a breakfast and work online, take break, swim in the pool or to to the beach and work a little bit more. Often we go hiking in the evening to get to know Marbella better. Then, we have a glass of wine in the yard or cuddle and watch a movie. Thats how I live now.

Before quarantine days my life was always on the speed. All day shootings, events , filming, action and travels.

2. What do you like most about your job?

I love that it is dynamic and definitely so exciting. I work from completely different parts of the world. Also, I decide when I take holidays and when I work myself off!

Its a great oportunity to meet people from all over the world to have a great conections and the best memories.

3. You follow fashion trends, or prefer a private, individual style?

Fashion is one of my passions. Naturally, it happens that I always know what is trendy and fashionable that year and what is not. It is because I am always involved in the fashion world. Nevertheless, I have my own style that no matter what is the trend, I will keep it. I love a neutral style that matches with almost everything and remains fashionable.

4. What’s your favorite style in clothes?

As I mentioned before, I love the neutral style. Daily, the most important aspect of clothes is comfiness. So I like sportswear, bohemian, also girly and casual chick styles, vacation (resort) clothing and glowing red carpet look for the gala events.

5. Do you keep a certain diet?

I eat a lot of plant-based low-fat foods. It is not a strict diet, not at all. My diet is balanced but I do not refuse any kind of products. Important is to mention that I do not eat anything heavy approximately three hours before sleep.


In the first part of the day, I eat more carbs, fruits. In the evening, I try to eat products, especially vegetables with more protein, because protein foods are a muscle-building material that does not turn into fat. One of my essential dietary principles is food combination.

6. Do you have a favorite dish?

I love Chinese chicken with honey. Also one of my favorite cuisines is Italian and I love pizza!

7. As you give yourself a treat?

Regarding food, I treat myself with some chocolate, that is my favourite snack. As well as that, one of the rewards for myself is home spa – I love taking a bubble bath, swim in a pool, put a facial mask or go for a trip, even a short one.

8. how do you prefer to rest?

The best way to rest is to get enough quality sleep. Also, I often meditate – relax both my body and mind. Spending some time in the nature is always a great choice to relax mentally.

9. What, in your opinion, is the main quality of a successful woman?

Definitely self-esteem and self love.

10. in our time, most women are under moral pressure from society – there is too much to do to be considered successful. Do you have anything like that?

I would lie if I said that I have never felt pressure from the society. I assume that when you are a teenager or young adult, you are more affected by society pressure. I am glad that I understood it early that my happiness is the most important. When I feel satisfied about myself, I have positive energy to achieve my best and that is when you become a successful woman.

11. You are dealing with a large number of people. Have you ever experienced sexism? Do you think sexism is an urgent problem for women all over the world? Or is there just too much noise around this topic?

Regarding my career and the fashion world, I have been surrounded both by women and men passionate about fashion. We have not put anyone into boxes weather it is female or male. Maybe I have been lucky to be surrounded mostly by nice and open-minded colleagues. Nevertheless, outside fashion world I definitely have expierenced incidents related with sexism.

In my case, the most frequent attacks of sexism take place on the streets of Milan, Paris, Berlin and New York.  Personally, I experienced that sometimes men are not in control of emotions, they shout loudly such as “what a booty” or “wow …these legs!”, or “hey blondie babe”. I don’t take that as a compliment, because in this case, it’s total sexual harassment.

Whistles, various gestures, rude comments or lustful glances I have mostly experienced in these cities that I mentiones above. These actions definitely attributes to sexism. This is a real problem in the world, but can differ in various cultures, countries, companies and families.

But the women should always know thats its not her fault, that she has to know her worth , be confident and be strong.

12. what advice would you give to a 16-year-old teenagers.

Youngster, be open-minded, open-hearted, genuine, curious and know your worth.

Be confident, be fearless be you! Try to keep only real people in your life, distance yourself from fake and jealous ones.

Take care of your body your soul and people you love! This world is full of adventures and It’s waiting for you!

Photographer: Jevgenij Misevic

Produser Valentina Gurova @valentinagurova

Model: Solveiga Mykolaitytė  @solmyko